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Monday, June 18, 2007

My "kids"

You have to humor me. I don't have any children, so my dogs are like my kids. I took Tucker and Roxy to get groomed today and they look so cute I had to share some pictures.
You can't really see them very well,
but Roxy has red, white, and blue
ribbons. I guess she is ready to
celebrate the 4th of July. Too bad
the ribbons won't last through the
rest of the day.


My 10 year high school reunion is this Saturday. I don't know what to expect seeing everyone again after 10 years. I have been terrible about keeping in touch, even with my closest friends. I guess it will give me a lot to talk about because I don't know where anyone lives or what they do and they probably don't know those things about me. I know of a few people I can't wait to see. It is going to be interesting to see how everyone has changed and all they have been through these last 10 years. Who has children? Who has an unexpected job? Where have people been? What do people look like? (I have to admit, I have been exercising for a couple of months trying to get ready.) I will just have to wait and see how things go....

I am also excited about going home because I am going to get to see my sister's new office. She has just started her own insurance business and I couldn't be more proud of my baby sister. I know she is having a hard time staying positive right now. Starting a new business can be very slow at first. I hope she realizes how talented she is and keeps a good attitude. She has all the potential to be very successful, she just needs to get the ball rolling.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Since when???

So, this is what I came home to after working VBS Monday night. Dave is sitting on our front porch smoking a pipe. Yes, I said a pipe. Apparently this was a typical activity for him and a couple of his buddies in college. I think, in the five and a half years I have known him, he has not ever smoked his pipe. Just when you think you know someone....

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Garage Sale

So, I went to a "teacher" garage sale this morning. I figured I could find some great deals on books, flashcards, organizational tools, basic teacher stuff. Boy was I in for a surprise. This was like the high class version of a garage sale--kind of an oxymoron, huh? All the paperback books were at least a dollar each. These aren't like novels with hundreds of pages of reading delight. No, these are five and six page Kindergarten level very early readers. I was expecting to walk up and offer five dollars for a box of books. I would have been happy paying ten dollars for a box full. Then I asked about a plastic, three drawer bin full of "prizes." For those of you who are not teachers, that is what we call junk that kids love and parents just throw away. Anyway, I asked how much it would cost. She said..., wait for it...TWENTY DOLLARS!!!! Where I grew up you didn't buy anything at a garage sale for twenty dollars unless it was a decent piece of furniture. Not a set of plastic drawers full of junk! Yes, I did buy some books. I justified it by reminding myself that I have been thinking about buying some more books this summer anyway, and even at a dollar a piece they are still cheaper than I could find them anywhere else. It was not, however, a great garage sale shopping experience.