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Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Been a While

Well, it has been a while since I last blogged. I guess I have not been busy doing much, so I have not had much to blog. I did have my 10 year high school reunion on June 23. It was an interesting experience. I guess I haven't changed in 10 years, but I was expecting others to have changed. No one really had. I was really excited to see my friends from high school, but it was kind of strange. I haven't kept in touch with anyone, except Charla. It seems like they have all stayed in touch and still hang out with each other quite frequently. It was just strange being around all these people that I used to know so well and feel like I hardly knew them, not to mention that I no longer have much in common with most of them. Overall, I had a good time catching up. At one point, someone mentioned having a reunion every 5 years instead of 10. That sounds like fun, but I don't know if I could subject Dave to a reunion every 5 years. He is such a good sport and was so nice all day at the picnic and at dinner that night, never complaining, but I could tell he wasn't having a great time. I didn't take too many pictures, but I will post the few that I have and tell you a little about them The first one is a group shot. Dave didn't have enough time to get back far enough to get everyone, but this is close. There were close to 60 people there, so that was a pretty good showing.

Here is a picture of Dave at the picnic we had Saturday afternoon. We had hamburgers and hotdogs down my the river. This deer just came right up to us. It walked around between the picnic tables and then made itself at home by taking a nap in the middle of our picnic area. It was so tame. I guess it is used to having people around.

This is Dave and I at dinner. We had it at the Country Club. The food was really good. There was some dancing and then Tania and Charla handed out several awards.

Charla is my only friend from high school who I have kept in touch with over the years. It is kind of strange that she and I weren't very good of friends in H.S. We really grew close in college. Without planning it, Charla and I had 2 or 3 classes together our first semester at Texas A&M. We had many more together over the next 4 years. She and I were both Psychology majors. It was a lot of fun getting to know Charla in college. I am so thankful that we had that time together!

This is Roland. He won the award for least changed male. In some ways I think that award was right on, but in others, not so much. Roland was always a great athlete and really smart. He is now using that talent working for the Atlanta Falcons as a trainer. Roland is one of the people who I was really excited about seeing. He was my date for senior prom and we had such a good time. I was so glad to see how successful he is both in his career and in his personal life. He has a beautiful family!

Dana and I have been friends since 3rd grade. We grew up going to church together. We spent the night together too many times to count. During the summer we went to Camp Bandina together. I remember being in 4-H with Dana. We kept our pigs, yes we raised pigs, at her grandparents house. We would walk our pigs for exercise during the months before the stock show. She is married and has 3 precious sons. I really enjoyed talking with Dana over lunch.