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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


While Dave and I were in Atlanta his parents took us to the Georgia Aquarium. Just a piece of advice...Don't go to the aquarium on a Saturday! It was so crowded. We really did enjoy ourselves, though. We both like going to aquariums and just watching fish, etc. Normally it is pretty relaxing--when the crowds aren't too overwhelming. The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world and had some interesting animals that I haven't seen at other aquariums before. My favorite was probably the tank in the next picture. We were able to sit in a little amphitheater and relax for a few minutes.

This is us in front of a tankwhich had a lot of stingrays, goliath grouper, hammer head sharks, and whale sharks. You can see the rays behind us. The entire aquarium contains about 8 million gallons of water. This one tank behind us holds more than six million gallons by itself.

Here are some jellyfish. I always enjoy watching the jellyfish float around.

Here is a beluga whale. We sat and watched these swim around for a few minutes. There were two belugas in this tank and one of them kept swimming upside down. Unfortunately, I could not get a good picture of it! We had a really good time and would definitely recommend the Georgia Aquarium if you are ever in Atlanta.

Everytime we go to Georgia to visit I think about what a creative God we have! I have lived in Texas all my life and I didn't know there were states that didn't allow you to cut down trees in order to put up billboards. There are immensely tall trees everywhere you look, and they are being preserved. Now, this makes for some headaches if you don't know exactly where you are going and how to get there, but it is awe-inspiring everytime I am there. I thought about this again at the aquarium. God is so creative. All those different fish, stingrays, sharks....I just can't believe how many unique types there are! Dave's dad said something to me about how much fun God must have had making them all. It was quite ironic because I had been thinking something similar all day! God truly does reveal himself through His creation!


cdjenkins said...

I commented below!

aggiejenn said...

Hey Julia!!! I don't know how you found my blog, but I'm so glad you did. I didn't realize you'd been married for 5 years...we'll be celebrating our 5th on the 17th of this month (Justin's out of the country so not too much celebrating going on!). Thanks for leaving a comment so I could find you!

lauren said...

Charla told me about your blog, because we just went to Atlanta last week (from Texas) to visit my husband's family and went to the aquarium on Friday! I have some very similar pictures on my blog! I didn't blog this, but we also had the same conversation about how creative God is! It was amazing!