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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Flight woes!!

Dave and I went to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago to visit his parents. His parents have some very generous friends who work for Delta Airlines and are willing to share standby tickets with us, and we are truly grateful for the tickets! Well, our flight leaving DFW was scheduled for 7:30 AM. We got up at 5:00 and made it to the airport by 6:30. Come to find out, our plane was having problems with the landing gear so our flight was delayed until 11:30. Delta decided to just switch planes with a flight at the next gate so our flight was only delayed about an hour. Turns out that flight wasn't ours at all because it was full before they got to us on the standby list. So, we were bumped to the next flight which was now delayed because of the landing gear issue previously mentioned. After all the ticketed passengers were boarded and they started taking standby passengers it looked like we were going to be bumped again, but thankfully we were two of the last three passengers who made the flight. I sure hope you are following all this because it nearly happened AGAIN when leaving Atlanta! We actually didn't get bumped from our flight but we were the LAST two to board.

We got a little perturbed while we were waiting for our return flight because the lady at the counter started calling standby passengers, in order of the type of standby ticket held. The first lady she called wasn't there. She called several times over a couple of minutes and finally said "Final call for so and so." Dave and I understood that to mean that this passenger would not be called again. Apparently that is not what "Final call" means because after 3 or 4 minutes her name is called again, and she is still not present. Several minutes later she is called again, still not there. Finally, we were called. The computer screens are showing one seat remaining on the flight. Dave rushes up to the counter and while he is standing there, about to hand over my ticket and let me have the final seat while he remains to wait for the next flight, so and so walked up to the counter! The lady who was working the counter just looked at Dave and said never mind. He was soooooo mad. He said something about the "last call." Luckily, I walked up right at that moment and was able to help him keep from telling both ladies what he thought about them. Needless to say, there were a few more ticketed passengers who did not show up so Dave and I made it on the flight, but it was stressful getting there.

We are so very thankful for the generosity of the individuals who shared these tickets with us! I can't imagine paying full price for airline tickets everytime we visit Atlanta (especially because we procrastinate and don't make travel plans until the last minute!). But, it is quite stressful at times. We actually spent the night in the Atlanta airport a few years ago at Thanksgiving because we got bumped from about 7 flights in one day. Maybe next visit we will just drive....

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cdjenkins said...

Yay, Julia! Glad to have another post and hear about your fun, but exhausting, trip to Atlanta! I agree, Georgia is BEAUTIFUL! I have family, my dad's sister and her husband, in Roswell, GA. I have gone a few times to visit, once during New Year's. I didn't know about the law with the billboards, though but it makes sense. Did you know Austin has a similar law? Billboards just aren't allowed on the highways.