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Monday, September 29, 2008


My little sister just moved to Montana. It is very strange to me that she is living so far away. The farthest we have ever been from each other was my first two years at A&M when she was still in high school. We still got to see each other every couple of months or so. Prior to me going to college we weren't really very close. Jill was too cool to hang out with her older sister. (I know, that sounds kind of backwards, doesn't it?) But, once I went to college things started to change. For the first time I really felt like we were friends. We enjoyed seeing each other and spending time together. Our relationship got even closer when I graduated from A&M and started grad school at ACU--where Jill was getting her undergrad. We spent so much time together and had so much fun! Over the last few years we haven't lived in the same town so we haven't gotten to see each other very often but we spent a lot of time talking on the phone. It was so exciting when we both found out we were pregnant. I am glad she found out first because she was so good at looking up all kinds of information on the internet and finding answers to all kinds of questions. That made it a lot easier on me--I can just call her up if I have a question about something, and she usually has the answer. It is strange that we don't know when we are going to get to see each other again. She will have her beautiful baby boy in October and I probably won't be able to go visit. I am afraid to make plans because you never know what will happen with twins!! I am very disappointed that I won't be able to be there for such a huge time in her life. I am so thankful that God blessed me with such a fabulous little sis!

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Jill said...

You are sweet and I love you!!! The time is going to fly and before we know it I'll be coming down there to let my baby meet his cousins! Only a few more days and then hopefully we'll know if I'm getting nieces or nephews!!!! Can't wait!