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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am sitting here at my "desk" at school and thinking to myself, "You have got to get this mess organized!" I almost wish I had my camera here so I could take a picture and show you how bad it is! I have stacks falling over onto stacks. I have files sitting in tubs. My tape dispenser has fallen over on its side and I haven't bothered to pick it up. Half finished work is laying on the edge of the table....Don't even get me started on the 6 or 7 boxes, still full of stuff, under my table. We are still in a transition, waiting for our new school building to be built so we can move in, so I don't want to unpack everything just to have to repack it in a couple of months! Plus, there is no where to put it all! Needless to say, it is a disaster area! I have been telling myself it is the babies. (They are pretty much my excuse for everything these days!) I just don't have the energy to straighten it up, or they have thrown me out of whack so bad that things are just not getting organized. That really isn't fair to the babies, though, because I definitely had this problem LONG before I was pregnant! When I get too much stuff, or make too much stuff, or try and do too much at one time it just spirals into this tornado that is before me right now. I get overwhelmed and don't even know where to start. I just do a little here and a little there, but not enough anywhere to really make a difference. It doesn't help that I have so much junk up here that I don't need. And, it is just taking up space that I do need! But, like I do at my house, I tell myself, "I might need that some day." The funny thing is that when that day comes I don't have a clue where to find that much needed item so I might as well have thrown it away or given it to someone who would actually use it. I guess I could be organizing right now instead of sitting here typing this!!!


Haley said...

Hey Julia! I am glad that you found our blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy. You look great. This will be a great way to keep up with eachother - I love blog stalking :)

Jill said...

I think pregnancy is a perfect excuse for your current situation, you have earned it!

Shelly Kacsmaryk said...

Girl, I'm blaming my baby too...Don't feel bad. They are sucking the energy out of you and that is okay because that is what they are supposed to do, so it's okay to "blame" them. :-) BUT if you had the problem before pregnancy (I did too) then you might want to adopt my motto: If you haven't seen it or used it in over a year, there is probably someone out there who could use it, so send it to Goodwill. When you DO need it (which you probably won't) you can go buy it or borrow it. Wasteful? Not any more than hanging onto stuff that doesn't get used. So that's my unsolicited advice from one exhausted prego to another probably MORE exhausted prego. Loves!