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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home Again

My appointment went pretty well today. Things have stayed pretty much the same. They did a fFN test today and we are hoping the results are negative. If not, I will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow. As of right now, I am planning on spending the next week in bed. I will go back in next Tuesday for another sonogram. Right now it is just a waiting game.

We had our first baby shower on Sunday. Unfortunately, I was stuck at home while Dave went up to church to mingle with everyone. We are truly blessed to have such thoughtful, loving, and supportive friends. Even though I couldn't be there, they did everything they could to make it special for me. I have a few pictures so you can see for yourself how cute everything was.

All the tables had a stack of these boxes. All the stacks had different verses attached. I got to keep all the ribbons and verses. Aren't they so cute!?!?!?

Dave and I are so thankful for everything that has been done to make the arrival of our precious baby girls a little easier and a little more special. Words can't express our gratitude. We love each of you!!!!


Kara Sheets said...

praying for negative results! the shower stuff is just adorable! are those your 'colors'? (pink & black)

julia said...

Yeah, our bedding is black, white and pink.

Jill said...

What a cute shower! They really go all out! I'm sorry you weren't able to be there. I miss you. I was looking up flights to come there in Dec. but not really sure if I'll be able to swing it or not.