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Monday, February 9, 2009

My Little Burritos

Ellie and Gracelyn

When we left the hospital the nurses told us we shouldn't swaddle the girls anymore. I didn't think to ask, "Why not?" But, we followed instructions and didn't swaddle them once we got home. Until....One night Ellie would NOT stop squirming, squeeking, and fussing. I decided it was worth a try. I rolled my sleep deprived self out of bed and rolled her up as best I could in the middle of the night. We heard not a peep out of that sweet little girl for the next couple of hours. It was absolutely amazing! I asked the pediatrician about the reason for not swaddling at our next appointment and she said it was probably because babies tend to get warmer while swaddled and being overheated can lead to SIDS. She just advised that we not keep the house too warm if we were going to swaddle the girls. You know, I could probaly run my AC on about 60 degrees all the time if it meant they would sleep soundly and let me get some shut eye during the night!! A few days after the pedi appointment, Dave was getting ready for work and Ellie was not sleeping well again and I asked him if he thought it would be bad to just keep her swaddled all day??? Not that I would ever do that, but the poor baby just does not sleep very soundly otherwise.


Haley said...

I ALWAYS swaddled William...he loved it. I think it must make them feel so safe and secure. Maybe you could just swaddle them over nothing but diapers to avoid overheating...or crank up the air conditioning...anything for sleep!

Kara Sheets said...

we swaddled our boys almost every night for months! they loved it and slept much better. i love how different they look- i can already tell their differences!

The Dodson Family said...

We swaddled Kaitlyn till she was almost a year old! Thankfully our house is always in the 60's. As soon as we wrapped her up she stopped crying and was ready to fall asleep. They are so sweet!

Haegelin Family said...

haha well just to add to the list of moms who advocate swaddline, we just stopped swaddling henry at 4 months. we kept a fan running in his room (which i think they say also helps prevent SIDS), and kept him warm with pj's and a swaddle. at some point, if they start to bust out but still want to be swaddled, look for the "miracle blanket." it really is just that - a miracle!

aggiejenn@reflectinghim said...

I say whatever helps them sleep better...DO IT!!! :-) Our boys broke out of their swaddles because they wanted to sleep with their arms up, but they slept better when they were all wrapped up. Keep up the good work; you're a great mom! And your girls are precious.