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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The "Wedge"

How sad is this picture??? Gracelyn has been sleeping on this sleep positioner for several weeks now. At a doctor's appointment a while back I had my looooong list of questions for the pediatrician. She very patiently answered them all. I think they were all fairly typical for a new mom, until I got to the question about Gracelyn choking on spit up. I told the dr. that I had walked in on Gracelyn choking in her crib. She wasn't making any noise and she wasn't turning her head to the side so she wouldn't choke. Well the dr. got, understandably, a little concerned so she wrote us a prescription for this sleep positioner that is supposed to help with her reflux. We had to go pick it up at the hospital. She did not prepare us for what we would be getting. Dave and I pictured a little incline that would fit in the crib. We even thought it was worth asking to see if we could get one for Ellie because she has a lot of reflux also. Dave did ask when he picked it up, but they told him you had to have a prescription.

This picture is a little deceiving. She does not sleep like this all the time. We don't even attempt to put her on it during the day so I have to keep my eye on her. She is supposed to be on the positioner any time she is not supervised while she is asleep. At night, if she is really tired, she will sleep really well. But, if she isn't ready to sleep you better get ready because there is going to be some serious crying!!! It is so sad because it isn't that she is fighting sleep. She just does not like to be on that stinkin wedge! The Dr. said she needs to sleep on it until she is about 6 months. I guess we can deal with it for about 4 more months.


Shelly said...

Oh! My! Goodness! You described that thing as monstrous, but I seriously NEVER imagined. CRAZY!!!!! And you have a very sweet and understanding husband who knows better than anyone what you are going through. You got to make a great memory making the cake together...a month later. Let's keep that memory special, and not let that happen again! :-)

Haley said...

Yikes! That thing is crazy huge! Good luck with it :)