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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Great Flood

This is what greeted me when I walked in from school today....
living room


Yes, our house has been flooded!!(sort of)
I went into the closet in the nursery on Sunday night and the carpet felt a little damp. I started investigating and found that the entire back corner was soaking wet. This particular corner backs up to the garage where the hot water heater is located. Apparently, a pipe that goes from the water heater into the house was leaking. Dave and I pulled up the corner of carpet and turned some fans on to dry it and decided to call a plumber in the morning. When I talked to the plumber Monday afternoon he said he would come out Tuesday morning and then he told me what to do to turn the water heater off. I thought that would make it stop....It didn't. By the time the plumber got here this morning, the entire closet in the nursery was soaked. It spread out a couple of feet into the room and all the way to the door. Our coat closet was soaked along with a couple of feet out into the living room. We don't know the extent of the damage yet, so right now we are just trying to get everything dried out. Thankfully, only the carpet seems to have gotten very wet. We had a crib, bookshelf and couch sitting on wet carpet, but all of the furniture seems to be OK. I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world if there was some damage to the carpet...Then we could get new carpet, Right???


Shelly said...

Bless your heart. I guess it's only natural that you would deal with something so random and frustrating the week you go back to school. I hope you do get new carpet out of the deal!

Shelly said...

Oh yeah, and your babies are SO CUTE! I love Ellie smiling in that picture! They've changed soo much! I think every mom wishes for their kid to get to the next milestone, but then when they get to a certain point, you look back and wonder how they grew so fast and wish you had enjoyed it more. Today I was trying to actually do some housework and Avery was crying, following me around, wanting me to pick her up. I was pretty spent with her fussiness, and I was gritting my teeth. Then I looked down at her and thought, "In a few months, she might not even want to be picked up anymore, so I better take advantage of it now!" So I did. I vacuumed with her on my hip. It takes great effort to truly cherish every moment, but keep trying! Those moments are gone before we know it!

Jill said...

Nothing like making lemonade from lemons, sis!