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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter From Ellie and Gracelyn!!!

We took Ellie and Gracelyn to church for the first time this morning. They were a huge hit, I mean who could resist such sweet girls! They slept all through Bible class and through the beginning of church. We weren't real sure how they would do in their carseats for that long, but they were really good. We didn't get to hide and hunt Easter eggs this year, but look forward to next year!!
The Fam

Gracelyn and Ellie

Ellie and Gracelyn



Easter is such a special day of celebration. We are so blessed to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior without risk of persecution or discrimination. I hope you all had a wonderful day of remembrance just as we did!


Jill said...

They look so cute I just want to hug them and kiss all over their sweet cheeks! I'm glad ya'll had a smooth first church experience. We missed ya'll for sure this Easter! Hopefully we'll be together to hunt eggs next year!

Shelly said...

Oh my goodness! They are soo stinking cute! I bet their little personalities are emerging more and more every day! Get ready! :-) What a fun life you have!

sbharris said...

I love their little outfits! Just precious! What a sweet and perfect family you have! Hope work is going well!

Haegelin Family said...

those are the sweetest girls and the sweetest outfits! what a happy easter for you guys!

Greenland said...

They are beautiful and I am so glad you got to go to church! You look so great girl! We really want to come and meet them. I think I have your email...let's plan something! Love, Jes

Nathan, Kathy, and Elizabeth Phillips said...

Julia, your little girls are so precious!!!

Suzanne said...