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Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a Little About us at 4 months old!!

Gracelyn and Ellie were 4 months old yesterday. Where has the time gone? I feel like just yesterday I was laid up in that hospital bed watching episode after episode of Alias and reading the Twilight series just to keep myself occupied. I can't believe it has already been 4 months! These have been the most demanding, exciting, fulfilling, exhausting months of my life. I feel like I am constantly thanking God for the blessing of these beautiful, healthy, happy babies.
Gracelyn and Ellie both absolutely love their paci. Ellie has loved it from the time we brought her home from the hospital. It took Gracelyn a little while longer to really take to hers, but once she did, there was no looking back!

Both girls have a love/hate relationship with swaddling. It really comforts them both to be swaddled. They will be fussy and cranky but not falling asleep. Then, as soon as they are swaddled, they both calm down and go right to sleep. Unfortunately, I think it is time to quit swaddling. We have had some scares with babies wiggling themselves down into the blanket where their faces end up getting covered. Just to be on the safe side, we are calling it quits.

Gracelyn is such an easy going baby. She is so laid back and patient. That is until it is time for bed. At night she gets pretty fussy and has a hard time going to sleep. She does not like to be held close or on your shoulder for very long. So that makes it difficult to calm her down in order to get to sleep. Gracelyn likes to be able to see the world around her. She is constantly looking all around taking in everything. She just coos all the time. It is so neat to hear her during the night when she is sound asleep!

Can you say drama queen!! Ellie is so expressive, both vocally and facially. She has a million funny faces. I love just watching her because she just goes from one expression to another. My favorite at the moment is her huge open mouth grin. She is our little alarm clock reminding us when it is mealtime. I tell you, that bottle better be ready when she is or you are going to hear about it! Ellie is such a cuddler. She loves to be held close and loved on. I can't get enough of this time with her. It is so precious, and I know she won't want me hugging on her forever.

Nana gave the girls these Raggedy Ann dolls. Aren't they so cute?!?!?! When she was here for the first time in late January she took a picture of Ellie and Gracelyn in these bouncy seats with the dolls propped up between them. I thought it would be neat to take another picture to see how much they have grown. I don't have one of the original pictures to post on here, but I just thought they looked so cute with their dolls!

Gracelyn cracking a half smile. It took her a while longer to start smiling, but she is definitely catching on. Gracelyn has the sweetest chubby cheeks. I could just kiss on them all day!

Look at those big eyes. We can't tell yet what color they will be for sure. Sometimes they look like they will be blue, but then other times they look like they are going to be brown. I guess we will just have to wait and see!!

Dave and I are slowly catching up on sleep. The girls have been sort of sleeping through the night for almost a month now. They start getting restless around 4a.m. but I can usually just put their pacifiers back in and they will calm down and sleep a while longer. We are adjusting to being parents. Nothing anyone can ever tell you really prepares you for the wonderful experience of being a parent. It has made me look at all the relationships in my life a little bit differently. I am completely overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising these two little girls. I know I can't do it alone! I have the most wonderful, supportive husband to walk this journey with me. But, that is another post entirely!


The Dodson Family said...

It is the greatest place to be in life, when you look at those beautiful girls and your heart hurts from all the love you feel.I can't believe they are 4 months old already, you and Dave are doing such a great job.

Jill said...

They look just precious! I love the bows. You are such a good mom!

M KD Wilson said...

Very cute update! I'm sure you'll have your hands full for awhile but it seems both of you are adjusting VERY well! May you be blessed with many more happy moments with these two and I'll continue to check in every once in awhile! :)

Amber Smith said...

They've both gotten SO big, just since the last time I saw them!
They are getting prettier all the time! What blessings! I loved reading all about their unique little personalities. We're so looking forward to the summer when we can spend more time with you and your sweet girls. Love you!

The Davis Daily said...

They have grown so much! They are precious!

Greenland said...

Hey girl...I don't have your email. Mine is Shoot me your email if you have a chance so we can catch up and figure out when we can come hold your babies. Talk to you soon:) Jes