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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eight Things

My wonderful friend, Jessica has tagged me to do this, so here goes...
so here are the rules for "eight things":
mention the person that tagged you.
complete the list of eight things.
tag eight of your wonderful blogger friends.
go tell them you tagged them

Eight things I look forward to:
1. seeing my girls grow up
2. eating Babe's for lunch today
3. seeing family this summer
4. being finished with this school year
5. moving away from A. (not happening anytime soon, just wishful thinking....)
6. traveling with Dave
7. seeing my girls baptized some day
8. walking through those pearly gates

Eight things i did yesterday:
1. Changed a few diapers
2. fed babies
3. washed bottles
4. folded and hung clothes
5. took a good nap
6. visited with my mom
7. went to Target
8. got to see Dave when he got back into town

Eight things i wish i could do:
1. sing
2. live in another country
3. speak another language fluently (this would be helpful while living in another country! :))
4. make my kids at school behave
5. get all those same kids ready for first grade
6. work from home
7. completely trust God
8. keep my house clean

Eight shows i watch:
1. Survivor
2. The Amazing Race
3. Lost
4. Wheel of Fortune
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. Private Practice
7. Ellen (when I am home)
8. The Unit

Now I tag Jill, Charla, Leah, Case, Kathy, Michelle, Suzanne P., Haley


Jill said...

I'm fixing to do this, but I'm afraid I'll seem shallow or something...not so deep as you. What country do you want to live in? Anyway, not to be bossy, but you should change the color of your type because it's really hard to read! Love ya!

Haley said...

Thanks...I was just sitting here wondering what to blog about. Inspiration!

Greenland said...

You got to love Ellen! She makes me laugh...and just wait until your girls can dance when she does! Claire loves it:)