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Friday, January 9, 2009

Three Weeks Old

I can't even tell you how crazy the last 48 hours have been! I spent several hours in the NICU with the girls on Wednesday and finally had to go home around 4 in the afternoon because I was completely exhausted. I had been super emotional all day and just felt like I needed some sleep, figuring everything the last 3 weeks was catching up with me. So, I headed home and by the time I got there I was feeling pretty crummy! Throughout the evening I felt worse and worse and ended up having a low grade fever. I thought I might have the flu so we called the girls' nurse and let her know so she could keep and eye on them since I had been there all day. I went to the doctor on Thursday morning and had to sit in the waiting room for a couple of hours because I didn't have an appointment. Turns out I didn't have the flu but had some other virus and an ear infection. Thankfully, Gracelyn and Ellie both seem to have made it through without getting sick!

I tell you all of this because we were supposed to room in with Gracelyn on Thursday night. I got pretty upset when I had a fever because I knew I couldn't go up there until I was better--at least 24 hours without fever. Basically the insurance wasn't going to pay for Gracelyn to stay any longer, though, so we had to do something. We had a couple of options. Either Dave could room in with her alone or I could go up most of the day today (Friday) and room in with her during the day. We decided that I might not be over this virus in time for me to spend the day up there so Dave stepped up to the plate and roomed in with BOTH girls last night!!! Ellie was still hooked up to the monitors and got a couple of her feedings through her feeding tube. But, daddy did all the diaper changes, gave Gracelyn a bath, and fed both girls most of the night. I am so proud of him. Our girls are truly blessed to have such a wonderful daddy!!

Needless to say, we took lots of pictures once he got her home. I couldn't wait for them to get here. It is such a crazy feeling to have her here after all this time.

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