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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pregnancy Brain???

Several of my really close friends were pregnant at the same time that I was. We would often talk about all the crazy things we did while we were pregnant. I guess this is commonly called pregnancy brain, I don't think we made that up, but who knows. That inability to remember is one of the symptoms! I am just wondering when pregnancy brain resolves itself. I haven't been pregnant for six months now but I am still showing symptoms of this common ailment. I have done three extremely nutty things in the last week or so.

Incident #1
First of all, I was giving the girls baths last week. I just recently started putting their little bathtub up on the kitchen counter because my back has really been hurting and I was tired of bending over the side of our bathtub when bathing them. I gave Ellie her bath with no mishaps but when it was Gracelyn's turn the pregnancy brain kicked in. I drained Ellie's bath water and started refilling the tub. It seemed to be filling a little slower than it had for Ellie but I didn't give it much thought. After I got Gracelyn in and started bathing her I noticed that I hadn't put enough water in the tub so I started adding a little more. About that time I started noticing a splatter at my feet. I looked down and there was water running off the counter all over the floor. The entire counter was wet--even under the toaster oven and a small oscillating fan (both of which WERE plugged in). I quickly unplugged the toaster oven and fan and pulled out all my kitchen hand towels and tried to mop up the mess. Come to find out, I had not plugged the stopper back in the bottom of the tub when I started refilling it.

Incident #2
It is a good thing that Ellie and Gracelyn don't have dirty diapers in the middle of the night very often. Night before last, Gracelyn woke me up while dirtying her diaper. I lugged myself out of bed and proceded to change her. When I was finished and went to pick up the diaper to roll it up and take it to the trash I realized it was open, upside down, on my comforter....Nice!

Incident #3
Last night I thought I was getting soooo prepared for church this morning. I got the girls' dresses ironed, socks and bows layed out, water, formula, and bottles in the diaper bag, and bottles made for this morning so we didn't have to do it when we woke up. Well, this afternoon after we used everything that had been prepared from last night, Ellie got ready to eat. She is very vocal when she is ready! I went into the kitchen figuring I would just make up a couple of bottles real quickly. I noticed ALL the bottles were dirty in the sink (I don't know who would have done that?!?!?!). I asked Dave to come and help me by mixing the formula while I washed the bottles. He came into the kitchen and opened the can of formula only to find about two scoops worth of powder left in the bottom. I REALLY don't know who would have done that!!! He made a quick trip to the local grocery store to buy a small can that ended up costing about twice what we would have paid at walmart or target. Nevertheless, the crisis was averted, both girls were fed and all was right with the world once again.

I have heard that once you have been afflicted with pregnancy brain you never fully recover. This could be a problem because it seems worse now than it was when I was pregnant. Maybe I should try to think of a new name for this condition!

Since I don't want to post without pictures I just crept into the nursery to take a few. Tonight is the first night that both girls have slept in the nursery together. They were sleeping in the same crib in our room until Gracelyn really started rolling over about a week ago. Since then, Dave has been sleeping on the floor in the nursery with one girl and I have slept in our room with the other. We moved the crib from our room into the nursery tonight. We will see how it goes. It has been harder for me than either of the girls! I am still a little concerned because they are still having some reflux and E still gags on it sometimes. Neither girl is choking like they used to, though. G has also started sleeping on her stomach. She will roll over and sleep for a while but then get tired of it or uncomfortable and want to be on her back but she isn't as good about rolling to her back so she will bury her face in the mattress, nose completely squished, and fuss. The pediatrician was a little concerned when I talked to her about it, but there really isn't too much we can do short of bringing her into bed with us, which isn't an option for us. I really think she will be fine, but it still worries me a little.

Gracelyn has not put herself to sleep yet. She is getting there but when she saw me come into the room she just stopped and stared.

Ellie, already sleeping. So peaceful!


Jill said...

I love them so much!!! Sleeping babies are the sweetest. Hmmmm, I'm dumber than I've ever been now that I have a babe. I can never think of the word I want to use and I forgot my phone the other day for the first time in my life! Oh well, it's nice to know I have company!

Amber Smith said...

Gotta love mommy brain! I totally understand. This happens to me ALL the time! We'll see you on Wednesday!

Barkley Bunch said...

Oh yeah...I completely understand. I thought I had a little bit of pregnancy brain before I got pregnant the 1st time but it has only worsened since #2 came along. I'll let you know when the formula comes in.

Haegelin Family said...

in the words of the newly deceased king of pop, "you are not alooone," julia! at least you are keeping your babies happy and healthy - even if that is what your brain is focused on most of the time.

Elizabeth said...

I just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comment. Nice to know Im not alone. Hope you guys have a wonderful 4th of July. So glad that a found your blog a while ago!!!

Elizabeth said...

Alright girl I was just reading your blog your old post and stuff...I should totally go to bed...You and your husband went to ACU?!?!?!? My husband and I did as well!! How funny is that??