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Monday, June 22, 2009

We Miss You, Grammy!!

My mom came and stayed with us when I went back to work in April. She kept Ellie and Gracelyn for 2 months. Having her here was such a blessing to Dave and I. Not only did our girls not have to be put in daycare, which was something I was worried about because they were born so early, but they had someone keeping them who cherished every minute. Everyday when I left for work I knew that they were loved, played with, changed when they needed it, taken for walks, all kinds of great things. I know the two months they spent with their Grammy helped Ellie and Gracelyn be the easy going, happy babies that they are today. We are so thankful that my mom stayed with us and took care of our precious girls.
Grammy with Ellie and Gracelyn the morning she left.

Grammy with Gracelyn the night before she went home.

Grammy with Ellie on Easter.


Jill said...

Aw! She sure does miss those little sweeties!

Amber Smith said...

You sound like you have an amazing mother! What a blessing that she was able to help you out during that time. I love your girls' fuzzy hair! They are beautiful!

Barkley Bunch said...

Awww, those baby girls are changing so much!! Wish I could've fed them the other day!