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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7 months

Ellie and Gracelyn are 7 months old as of this past Sunday! I just can't believe how fast they are growing up! It seems like they change a little bit everyday. We are so blessed to be raising such sweet little girls. We took some pictures after church on Sunday to help us remember this special time.

Gracelyn--You can barely see her first two teeth.

Ellie posing for the camera.

Gracelyn is all smiles!

Look at Ellie's big grin.

Ellie and Gracelyn at 7 months old.

Some of our latest milestones:

  • rolling over like a pro
  • sitting up while supporting herself with her hands on the floor
  • 2 teeth-just got those last week!!
  • starting to be able to eat "solids" better and better--she loves sweet potatoes and carrots
  • able to put herself to sleep for most naps and usually at night
  • still loves her paci, but enjoys chewing on her fingers and anything else that will fit in her mouth
  • loves playing on our playmat
  • laughs and laughs when I kiss her cheeks and ears
  • pushing up on her knees and toes like she is thinking about crawling
  • rolls and rolls and rolls until you don't know where she has rolled herself
  • she can sit a little, but someone better be close because she still doesn't have very good balance
  • 1 tooth on the bottom left
  • loves to eat "solids" but she still hasn't quite figured out what to do with her tongue--she also loves sweet potatoes and carrots
  • able to put herself to sleep most naps and nights, there will definitely be some crying if she spits out her paci by accident, but she will still go to sleep
  • loves her paci, loves putting everything in her mouth
  • loves, loves, loves being held, talked to, and loved on
  • not laughing a whole lot, but I can get a couple of giggles out of her, but she smiles constantly!
  • not real interested in crawling yet
We have so much fun staying at home together. It is getting easier and easier to get out with them on short little outings. Just today we went to Old Navy and they were just as happy as can be in their stroller. Gracelyn even grabbed a pair of pants that she thought I needed to buy. We are going to have to work on her fashion sense!!
I am amazed by the attention that twins receive! Everywhere we go people stop and look at the girls, tell their friends to look, comment on how cute they are (of course as soon as Ellie hears that she immediately starts performing). I have never had so many men open doors for me as I do when I am pushing them around. It is so refreshing to come across people who are so willing to help you out. Sometimes I wonder if parents even teach their kids manners anymore, but I have really gotten the opportunity to see some manners put into practice! It is so appreciated!!
I can't remember if I posted about Ellie's last cardiologist appointment. We went back in June and had another sonogram and EEG (or something, I don't even remember-all I know is that they attached like 15 cords to her chest and abdomen). We were really hoping her PDA would be gone because at their 4 month pedi appointment the pediatrician couldn't hear it anymore. It is not gone, but the cardiologist doesn't seem worried about it. She said it is very small, not causing any problems, and probably won't so we are just going to keep an eye on it and see what happens. We don't go back to see the cardiologist until Ellie is about 3. They are still saying it might heal itself and they would prefer for that to happen rather than have to do a procedure, especially on a baby. I guess we will just wait and see. We will be saying lots of prayers in the next 2 1/2 years!!


Elizabeth said...

They are so freaking cute I could just squeeze them. Isnt it crazy how much attention you get when you take them out. I am so used to it now that when I go out by myself (rarely happens) I wonder why no one talks to me.

Elizabeth said...

Will pray ellie's heart heals itself!!!

Jill said...

Those are such good pictures. I love how happy they are...and so pretty in their Sunday dresses!

Barkley Bunch said...

Yum! Carrots & sweet potatoes...some of my kids faves too. Good job keeping up with all the milestones! You are such a good momma!!

MeMaw said...

Julia, I knew David from tennis in Abilene. Your girls are so cute! It is fun reading about their latest accomplishments. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you are doing I know you must be busy. Kay Smith

Haegelin Family said...

look at those dresses! oh my goodness. i wish they were here having a play date with henry today... i would just squish one set of cheeks and then the other, over and over.

Amber Smith said...