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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Frio's Dry Fifty

When I was 16 I had my first real job. I was hired to take care of a little boy named Thomas. I think he was 3 at the time and boy did I stay busy. I went to Concan almost everyday and kept Thomas and two of his cousins, Danna and Emily. We stayed around their grandfather's house most of the day but some days we got to go eat lunch at Neal's Cafe (yum, yum), and we went went to the river some days also. I only babysat Thomas for one summer, but it was a job I will never forget. I just remember him asking "Why?" about EVERYTHING!!!! I had no idea toddlers were so inquisitive, but Thomas wanted to know about everything around him. His mom owns a store in Concan called Frio's Dry Fifty. And while I only babysat one summer, Jody was my boss for lots of summers afterwards. I worked in the store for several years. It bacame almost like a family! When the girls and I were visiting my parents last week we took a trip up to Concan for old times' sake. We had lunch at Neal's Cafe (still yum, yum!) and then Jill and stopped by Frio's Dry Fifty on the way home. It has definitely grown over the years. It seems like every summer we go back and the store just gets bigger and bigger! We got these cute outfits for the babes while we were there. If you are ever in Concan make sure you stop by Frio's Dry Fifty and tell everyone hello! It is such a relaxed, fun, family oriented store. They have TONS of t-shirts, but you can find just about anything in their little shop!
Gracelyn, Jake, and Ellie sporting their FDF gear!

Gracelyn and Ellie


Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

So are the girls sitting up now? They are adorable! Hope to see y'all soon.

Kyley King said...

It's funny to see how much those three have grown huh? Especially Thomas! I still think of him as a little handful!! We went in there last weekend and I was amazed how much it had grown. Speaking of which, the girls have changed so much since your last post!! Have fun!