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Thursday, August 20, 2009

8 Months Old

Gracelyn and Ellie turned 8 months old yesterday. Instead of a long wordy post here are some recent photos....
Gracelyn LOVING her bubble bath!! Doesn't that face look like she is having so much fun!

Ellie thought it would be tasty to eat the bubbles.

Gracelyn sat up by herself a few days ago. She isn't crawling yet, but it will be any day! Ellie doesn't even seem interested in trying to crawl or sit up independently. I think she is just watching and learning from Gracelyn and then she will surprise us one day.

We got home late from church Sunday night so we just left the girls in their carseats watching Baby Einstein while I got their baths ready. That is part of our nightly routine--I put on a Baby Einstein video and the girls watch while I am giving baths. That is just about the only way I have found to keep them from getting too upset while they are waiting for their bath and bottle.

Gracelyn and Ellie sitting in their Bumbos looking out the door at the dogs. You can barely see Mae. She kept walking up to the door and licking it. She kept the girls entertained for a while.



Gracelyn and Ellie on their brand new swings. When we were in Denver, our friends that we stayed with had an infant swing in their backyard similar to these. The girls both had such a good time swinging that we had to get us a couple. It is a great way to keep them smiling at the end of the day when they are starting to get a little fussy.

Gracelyn after her bath last night.


Gracelyn playing in the pack and play this afternoon.

Ellie--Everything goes in their mouths these days!!
People often ask if we can see a difference in their personalities already. I always laugh a little when I get this question because Ellie and Gracelyn are soooo different. It is so much fun to just watch them and see how differently they react to things. Gracelyn is so sweet and easy going. She doesn't get worked up very often so when she does it always worries me a little. Ellie, on the other hand, is quite spunky. If she wants something, she is going to let you know!
They love each other so much already. I love watching them first thing in the morning or right after a nap when they see each other for the first time. They will look at each other and just get these big grins on their faces. They are starting to "play" together a little bit. That play usually involves stealing toys from each other, pushing each other in the face, or in Ellie's case, kicking each other. Gracelyn is such a good sport about it, though. She doesn't usually mind unless she is being kicked in the face.
I can't believe that another month has gone by so quickly! I am starting work in a couple of weeks. I am tutoring part time at the school where I taught kindergarten last year. I will only work about 9 hours a week and we have worked out my schedule so I will only tutor in the morning so Dave will be able to stay home with the girls. He will just go into work after I get off. It has worked out better than we could have hoped! I am a little sad that I won't be home with the girls all the time, but I am also looking forward to being able to get out of the house some. I am excited to see Dave and the girls spending more time together!!


Jill said...

Oh my goodness, they are cuter every single day! I LOVE the picture of them in the bumbos, they look like partners in crime planning their next job!!! They are so lucky to grow up together and live with their best friend! Also, the "after bath" pictures are so adorable. Kisses.

Amber Smith said...

I love the picture of Gracelyn in the hooded towel. She has the prettiest blue eyes! Bubble baths! What a fun idea! We'll have to give that a try.

Suzanne said...

Adorable...absolutely adorable! They are just precious! We need to get together soon!!

Corrie said...

Hi, Julia. I'm a friend of Charla Jenkins and Sami Harris. One of them (can't remember which one!) told me to check out your blog. When I saw the pic of you and your husband I realized that I think I worked at T Bar M with your hubby a while back. Anyway, my husband and I have a 20 month old daughter and I am 17 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. We go for our big sono next week and hopefully we'll find out what we're having. I enjoy reading the stories about your girls and how you manage/work things out. I'm going to take lots of notes! Anyway, I just thought I would say hello and thank you for your honest blogging! Your girls look like sweethearts, by the way! OH and we also have 3 dogs (don't you guys have 3 dogs too?) We joke about having the same number of kids as we do dogs now. :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness the girls are so cute!!! I love the swing pictures. I think we might have to get a few of those before too long!!!

Shelly said...

CUTE pics! I love those babies. I had no idea that you went do Denver. You are a brave woman. Sounds like you guys had some fun times.