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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Airport Hassle

Just a quick story about the Denver airport that I can't believe I forgot to include in the previous post....

Dave and I were hoping our flights would not be completely booked so we decided to take the girls' carseats with us to the gate. Turns out they were booked so we just checked the seats at the gate in Dallas and were supposed to get them in Denver. They were not on the jetway with the stroller in Denver so we go ahead to baggage claim and get all of our bags and then have to find the carseats. Our flight landed at almost 7 (TX time--all times will be TX time in this post, otherwise I think we will all get confused!!!). Ellie and Gracelyn are usually going down for the night by at least 7 so we were pushing it. I was afraid it was just a matter of time before my sweet, happy girls were transformed into hungry, sleepy monsters. Dave still has to get the rental car so I tell him to go ahead. We were planning on the girls and I waiting at the airport for him anyway. So I wait in the area where car seats, skis, and the like come from the airplane. And I wait. Nothing is moving anymore so I asked an emplyee about it. He said it hasn't been very long since your flight arrived, just keep waiting, "They will be here." Well, I decided 30 minutes was plenty long since we had our other bags for about 15 already. I proceed to the missing baggage office only to find several others already looking for bags. None from our flight, though, so that gives me some hope. I wait, and I wait, and I wait some more. I don't think anyone realized the drama that was about to ensue if E and G don't get some food and sleep soon. At one point I am sitting, patiently waiting my turn, and this leggy blonde just walks in and steps right in front of the stroller, which was obviously waiting next in line. I wanted to say a few things to her, but I refrained. I figured the guy behind the desk saw that I was there first, he had even talked to me already, so surely he will help me before her. Turns out she stepped out for a second, rumor was more bags from her flight had arrived, so I got on my feet and made sure she knew I was next in line. By this time it is after 8. Ellie and Gracelyn are just soaking it all in, having a blast. They look at the people in the office, smile, talk to each other, no fussing what-so-ever. I can't believe it, but I was still awaiting the the inevitable. So, when I finally get some help they call around the airport and no one has seen our carseats. They decide to give us loaners for the night. Actually getting the loaners takes about half an hour. Our airline only had one infant seat so they had to borrow one from another airline. So, about 8:30 I am finally meeting up with Dave outside the airport. We had a slight malfunction with one of the carseats so I had to go back inside and wait to get another one. Well, security at the Denver airport is pretty tight. They wouldn't let Dave sit outside and wait for me for any amount of time, so I had to cart both girls in the stroller back into the airport. They are still as happy as can be, thankfully!! I exchanged the defective carseat and then head back out to meet Dave. It took us a while to get both carseats installed because they were probably the cheapest carseats on the market five years ago, but we manage eventually. We get both girls in the car and we are on our way, still NO fussing!!!! Ironically, when we are about 5 minutes from the airport, the airline called and said they had located our carseats and would have someone deliver them sometime during the night. We finally got to our friends' house at about 9, which is about 2 1/2 hours later than normal bedtime. I think Ellie and Gracelyn knew that I could not have handled them being fussy with all the other stress going on. They are such sweet little blessings and we are so thankful for these girls. When we bought our tickets for this trip, we thought we were flying with the airline that never lost bags....I guess their stellar reputation is for not LOSING bags completely??? Because they sure did "misplace" a bunch of baggage the night we were dealing with them. More pictures of Colorado coming soon.


grammy said...

Oh, my, goodness. I miss y'all so much.

Jill said...

Ha, ha! I don't know if I could have been as patient as you. Thank goodness little miss thing (not mentioning any names!) was in a laid back mood like her sister!