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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Colorado Vacation--just the beginning

Dave and I took the girls to Colorado last week. We met my parents, brother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and family from California (aunt, uncle, cousins) in New Castle, CO. We had such a good time!! Before we met up with my family, we stayed with some friends in Denver for a couple of nights. It was so nice to catch up with friends that we haven't seen in YEARS!! Ellie and Gracelyn got to fly for the first time. They did really well getting from Dallas to Denver. We had a 3 hour layover in Amarillo. That is what we get for booking our tickets about 5 days in advance. We decided to fly at the last minute so we kind of got stuck with a not so great itinerary, but it got us there and home....

This is Ellie and Gracelyn hanging out in the Amarillo airport. They look excited, don't they???

Dave planned ahead and made sure to bring the laptop and some Baby Einstein videos. This kept them entertained for about half of our time in Amarillo.

Dave making shadow puppets on the floor at B & H's house. Gracelyn was mesmerized!!

She got tired of just watching and decided to play with that shadow dog!!

Gracelyn and A. A is 2 and just about the cutest thing ever!! She was so shy when we first got to B & H's house, but once the girls were awake, A just wanted to look at them and play with them.

This is C. B & H's oldest--he is 4 and full of energy. He, also, loved the girls!

This is Gracelyn with B & H's youngest, R. They liked playing together, looking at each other, and talking to each other. They were so cute.

You might be wondering where Ellie is....She was sleeping late so she missed out on pictures. We have some of her from later in the week.

H holding R and B sitting.

Kelly and B sitting on the patio.

Dave and Josh enjoying the nice Colorado weather.
B grilled buffalo burgers for us. They were delicious and I didn't even know they weren't beef until after dinner.

Gracelyn on the chair. Ellie on the floor with R.

I have lots more vacation pictures I will have to get posted later. This was just the first couple of days.

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Julie P. said...

I love the shadow hand puppets. It made for some beautiful pictures!