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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Little Monsters

Just HAD to show you the CUTEST jammies EVER!!!! 
Yes, they say BFFs! 
(E on left, G on right)
Thank you, Nana, for the pjs.  We love them!!


Kara Sheets said...
i want to squeeze those cute little monsters! that's just adorable. i love jammies.

Elizabeth said...

I love those!!! How perfect!!! So cute

Jill said...

So sweet! They are the cutest little monsters I ever saw! So so pretty.

Shelly said...

What cuties! They are going to be BFFs! That is so fun. Avery has that shirt (no pajamas) in Navy. Her BFF, Kenley got it too! Wow, those girls are changing soo much!

Julie P. said...

I love your header picture of the girls in tutus! So cute! Happy Thanksgiving!