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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GREAT afternoon!

We were supposed to got a football game on Saturday.  We were all packed up half way there when Dave remembered our tickets were in his truck at home.  We were already running late so we decided to skip the game.  Instead, we went to the park.  This was Ellie and Gracelyn's first time at the park.  They loved it and have been asking to go back soon! ;)  It was a beautiful day.  The temperature was very nice, just a little breezy.

Dave with his girls
Ellie on left, Gracelyn on right

Having fun swinging.
Gracelyn on left, Ellie on right

Me and my sweet girls!!

Ellie looking at the sky!

Gracelyn happy as can be!

Gracelyn and I had just slid down the slide.  She wasn't too sure about it.

Dave took Ellie on the big twisty slide.  Looks like he had more fun than she did!!

This is probably my favorite picture from the afternoon.  It completely captures Gracelyn's inquisitive personality!

Sweet Ellie talking away!

We were a little disappointed in missing the football game, but ended up having such a great afternoon to make up for it!!


Jill said...

Looks like a fun afternoon! I think it is great that you identify which girl is which in the pictures. We have so many pictures of Aaron and Nathan from when they are less than a year old, and it is really, really hard to tell them apart. They aren't labeled, so sometimes we play a guessing game! You may be able to tell them apart now, but I bet their husbands won't be able to one day! :)

M Holly said...
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