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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

I started this post last Thursday....

I know I haven't had much to say on here lately and there is a good reason....We haven't been doing ANYTHING but staying inside and playing!  Gracelyn had a double ear infection 3 weeks ago and while we were at the doctor's office I asked the pediatrician if their prematurity could still cause problems if they get sick now even though they are over 1 year old.  Apparently, RSV could still be a potential problem.  I know it is never good for a baby to get RSV but since Ellie and Gracelyn were born so early, it could pose a greater threat for their little lungs.  The pedi said if they got it they would probably be fine, but she advised us to keep them out of the public until April again this year just to be extra careful.  This has put a serious kink in our social calendar!!  Thankfully, we have less than 2 months left!! 

We officialy have two walkers on our hands!  I can't believe it!!  Gracelyn has been taking steps for just over a month and then on Monday she just started walking!  She will still lose her balance, sit, and then crawl, but she will stand up and walk quite a bit.  Ellie just started taking steps last week so I was thinking she might be walking in about a month.  Nope!  I guess she sat back and watched Gracelyn long enough to learn what she needed to do.  She doesn't walk as often, but she has very good balance.  It is so funny to see how they approach the whole business of walking so different from each other.  Gracelyn is all about getting to her destination as quickly as possible.  She just stands and goes, off balance, arms flying, mouth open, free for all.  Ellie is not like that AT ALL.  She will stand up and take very small, well balanced steps.  This makes me rethink what I thought I knew of their personalities.  We have always said Gracelyn is the thinker and Ellie is the doer.  Most of the time, that is the case.  However, when it comes to walking I think they are the opposite.

My parents came up last weekend for Dave's birthday. I called and asked them to come so Dave and I could go to dinner and see a movie to celebrate. We have only been out alone a handful of times since E & G were born, so this was a real treat!!

I don't know if any of you remember the story about Dave's birthday cake last year.  In case you don't, check the link here.  I decided in hopes of not reliving the past as a "Terrible Wife" I would just buy a box cake mix and call it a day.  Dave requested strawberry with strawberry icing, so that was easy.  I guess I should mention that my mom put the icing on the cupcakes while we were at the movie....Thanks, mom!!

We went and saw Dear John after we had dinner.  As soon as the movie was over, Dave looked over at me and said, "That was disappointing."  I will try not to give too much away, but they leave you wondering at the end of the movie.  Dave was disappointed that something didn't happen one way or the other.  I kind of felt like it was resolved, but I guess he wanted a little more.  We enjoyed it for the most part, but everyone I have talked to who saw it have all asked the same question--"Why did she do that???"  I guess if you want to know what "that" is, you will just have to go see the movie for yourself.  Make sure you take some kleenex!

I have another recipe I want to share with you.  Friday night I went to dinner with some friends, but since my parents were coming in I thought I would make soup for them and Dave.  My friend, Amber, shared some of her favorite easy recipes with me and this potato soup was the first one I made.  I realized it was a hit when I came home from the restaurant and put my leftovers in the fridge.  I looked around for the leftover soup that I was most definitely going to try for lunch on Saturday.  I was dumbfounded when there weren't any leftovers!  Obviously, Dave, mom, and dad enjoyed every bite!!  Here you are....

1 package Ore Ida frozen cubed hash browns (plain)

1 box of chicken broth (at least 32 oz.)
1 package of cream cheese
2 Tbsp butter
1 cup diced onions
1-2 cups cubed cooked ham
Dill to season ( a few tsps.) (I sprinkled in some dill weed, I don't know if that is the same thing, or not but I didn't see just dill in the spices)
Salt and pepper to taste
Sauté the onions in butter until transparent. Add the chicken broth and frozen hash browns and bring to a boil. Turn the temp to low and let simmer for about 20-30 minutes, just until the potatoes are cooked, but not falling apart. Add cream cheese and stir until dissolved. Add ham and dill, salt and pepper to taste.

Dave already asked if I would make it again.  He hasn't done that with any of the new recipes I have tried.  He never complains, and always seems to enjoy whatever I make (and the leftovers), but he rarely requests something in particular.  Hopefully, I will get to eat some the next time I make it!!

My First Award

Another SUPER old blog I started in JUNE of last year!!!  Talk about being behind....

I have received my first award as a blogger. Thanks, Charla!! Before I get started I have to tell you that it is a little ironic that this is my first award because, not long ago, Dave and I were talking about how I am not a very passionate person. I will do my best to share with you what I AM passionate about....

5 things I am passionate about

1. Personal growth

There are areas of my personality, if you will, that are not what they should be. I think it is so important to take a good honest look at yourself and find things that you can change to make yourself a better person. I am constantly trying to grow as a Christian. Stretching myself and growing in my faith is a lifelong process that will NEVER be complete. There will always be something that I need to work on to make myself a better person.

2. Prayer

The results of faithful prayer are nothing short of amazing. I have seen them personally and whole-heartedly believe that God works in our lives when we fall to our knees and lay our burdens at His feet. There is nothing more freeing and comforting than being able to talk to God and knowing He can handle my worries and concerns better than I could ever possibly hope to do on my own.

3. Dave

Dave is a man of honor and integrity. He is such a loving and self-sacrificing husband. God truly blessed me beyond my wildest dreams when he sent me Dave. He is my best friend and I am so excited about our future together. My new favorite thing about David is the wonderful father that he is. Gracelyn and Ellie definitely only have eyes for their Daddy. It is so much fun for me to watch him interact with them and see that sweet, sensitive, patient side of him.

4. My girls

Ellie and Gracelyn are such sweet, perfect gifts from God. Motherhood is not exactly all that I expected it to be. It is a lot harder and more exhausting. I have never questioned my ability to do something as much as I question myself as a mother. It is such a huge responsibility and I want to give my girls the best of me everyday! It is so unbelievably worth every frustration, every day!  Motherhood is also more rewarding than I ever thought it would be.  Seeing Ellie and Gracelyn grow, learn, and play is so unbelievable.  I am truly blessed to be their mother.

5. Traveling

I love going to new places, especially foreign countries, and seeing how other people live.  I enjoy learning about other cultures, trying new foods, and experiencing life in other parts of the world.  Planning a trip to a far away place is so exhilarating, but  I also enjoy traveling to new places a little closer to home, especially these days.  I am afraid our foreign travel might get put on hold for a few years as long as we have little rugrats running around.  Shorter flights or destinations than can be reached by car are our new criteria!!

Now for the business of awarding:
1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Write 5 things you are passionate about apart from blogging, because we all know this thing can consume you.

3. Pass it on to 5 other people.

I want to pass this on to:
Have fun, ladies!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I LOVE....

My girls
Walking toddlers
Colbie Caillat
Travelling to other countries
Being an Aggie
Jack Johnson
The Notebook
Sweet tea
Photo albums
Orbit Sweetmint gum

Babe's Chicken
Cheeseburgers & french fries
Shade in the summer
Bubble baths
Third Day
Baby giggles
Sweethome Alabama (movie)
Neutrogena Moustureshine lipstick
Hotdogs cooked over a fire
Clean hair
Historical Fiction
Lavendar Vanilla from Bath and Body Works
Spaceheater in my bathroom
Olive Garden
Hillsong United
Harris Methodist Fort Worth NICU & Antepartum
The Amazing Race
Experiencing foreign cultures

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gracelyn has found her nose!

No, she is not picking her nose.  She just loves poking her fingers in her nostrils!  She did the exact same thing when she discovered her ears months and months ago.  People would ask all the time if she had an ear infection and we would tell them, "No, she just loves putting her fingers in her ears."  I don't think people are going to wonder about a nose infection, they are just going to assume she is picking away.  Maybe this is a habit we should try and break.  I am afraid she is going to hate me one day for putting this picture on the internet for all of you to see, but this is what she is doing these days and it cracks me up.