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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gracelyn has found her nose!

No, she is not picking her nose.  She just loves poking her fingers in her nostrils!  She did the exact same thing when she discovered her ears months and months ago.  People would ask all the time if she had an ear infection and we would tell them, "No, she just loves putting her fingers in her ears."  I don't think people are going to wonder about a nose infection, they are just going to assume she is picking away.  Maybe this is a habit we should try and break.  I am afraid she is going to hate me one day for putting this picture on the internet for all of you to see, but this is what she is doing these days and it cracks me up.


Barkley Bunch said...

Cute girl!! Good thing she didn't find her mouth and nose at the same time!

Elizabeth said...

So cute! Hey email me if you have a second! There are a group of twin moms that are wanting to get together and actually meet! I would love to send you the email! Way to go Gracelyn!!!