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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Canada, river walk, Zoe, and a ranch

On Wednesday of our week long stay in Montana, we headed to Cranbrook, BC.  This was Dave's and my first trip to Canada, AND it was Ellie and Gracelyn's first international expedition anywhere.  We knew that we had to go while we were close enough to make a day trip because we might not ever get the opportunity again.  I don't know what I was expecting.  After our other international travels, I figured Cranbrook would be different than the U. S. in some way.  It really wasn't.  I mean, I know it is different, but not in an obvious, you're in another country, kind of way.  It was just more beautiful scenery, wild animals, farms, rivers.  We are so glad we went, and now Ellie and Gracelyn can say they were international travelers when they were 1.

We did find a cute little deli for lunch. While we were eating Dave had to leave and put money in the parking meter. On his walk to the car he passed a park so we headed that direction after lunch.

Ellie, Jake, Gracelyn
Have I mentioned it was cold the entire time we were at Jill's?  I checked the weather before we went and it was supposed to be in the upper 60s and 70s while we were there.  Nope, 50s and low 60s was what we got.  So, Gracelyn and Ellie had to borrow a couple of Jake's jackets when we spent time outside.

Ellie putting rocks on the slide.

Daddy pushing Gracelyn on the swing.

Gracelyn was so excited about the swings.

Gracelyn, Dave, Ellie, and Jake swinging at a random Canadian park.

Ellie loves clapping.

Our family under the Canadian flag.

Thursday was pretty packed.  We finally had sunshiney weather with warm (relatively speaking) weather.  After breakfast we loaded the kids up and went to the local river walk.  The town where Jill and Jeremy live is pretty small and not too fancy.  They have a few touristy places, but not much.  This river walk was an unexpected surprise.  It was so nice!  We all had such a good time exploring, throwing rocks, leaves, branches, etc.  And, surprisingly, all Jake wanted to do was ride in the stroller.  All Gracelyn wanted to do was NOT ride in the stroller.
Gracelyn and her first dandelion.

Gracelyn NOT riding in the stroller.

Ellie and Gracelyn sporting their shades.

Me pushing Ellie and Jake, Dave with Gracelyn NOT riding in the stroller.

Ellie and her daddy.

Meet Zoe.
She is a sweet horse that lives behind the fence that runs along Jill's driveway. Literally, right outside their backdoor. When we got home from the river walk we took some apples out to feed her.  Jake was an old pro.  He just walked right up to the fence and started feeding her, no fear.  Gracelyn and Ellie were much more timid.  It was a neat experience for them and got them ready for what we had planned for that afternoon.

Zoe, Gracelyn, me, Ellie, Aunt Jill
Jill and Jeremy have some good friends who work on a ranch.  Man, ranches in Montana sure look different than ranches in Texas!!  Look at all those trees!

We tried putting Gracelyn on the horse behind Jake, but she was not having it.  Uncle Jeremy wanted to get her in the picture so he stood behind the horse and held her up.  Ellie and Jake had a good time sitting there, though.  Gracelyn is definitely my cautious girl.  (She just might get that from me....)



Get me off this thing!!

Ellie picking dandelions in the field.  She was such a sweet girl all afternoon.  They didn't get a morning nap and then slept for less than an hour as we were driving to the ranch, but she didn't fuss at all.  There was too much going on for her to mess with fussing!!

There are no words.

We had such a wonderful time with Jill and her family.  We got to see some beautiful places, and new animals.  My favorite times, though, were the mornings when all the kids were up playing together.  It was such a blessing just to spend time together and see our children enjoying time with each other.  Jill was worried that we weren't seeing as much as we wanted to see, and there are a few places that we would have liked to have seen, but when you are lugging 4 kids under 2 around with you it is nice to just stay home and relax!  Thanks Jill, Jeremy, Jake and August!  We had a great time and we love you very much.  I guess we are going to have to come back and visit so we can see the places we missed, AND see your new house!!


Kristi H said...

What an amazing adventure! I'm jealous of that weather... it's so HOT here! Great pics of your precious little ones! :)

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Looks amazing! How special to spend time with your two babies and Jill's two babies! What a difference a few years makes, huh?

And I have to say, I cracked up through the WHOLE post with your, "Gracelyn NOT riding in the stroller!" Hahaha! The girl knows what she likes apparently...I think I MIGHT know where she gets that from! :)

Jill said...

Great pics. I miss you guys sooo much! I'm glad yall had fun despite the weather, I'm still feeling bad for yall that it didn't cooperate better! Oh, and Zoe is gone. I guess her owners came and picked her up???

Anonymous said...

I loved browsing through your blog. Such sweet pictures of your family. Spent a few hours yesterday with your grandparents when we hauled seed down to Breckenridge. Love from your Auntie Fran

Haegelin Family said...

WHAT A TRIP! The pictures are incredible, and I loved your commentary. Thanks for sharing!