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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We spent last week in Montana visiting my sister and her family.  We originally scheduled our flight to leave around 10 Friday morning.  The airline moved us to an earlier flight.  6 AM!!!  No joke.  We had to get the girls up and to the airport to make a 6 am flight!  Dave and I got up just before 3 and were loading the girls up by 3:15.  We thought they would sleep the entire drive to the airport.  Nope.  We thought they might sleep in the stroller while we were waiting to board.  Nope.  We thought they would sleep on the airplane.  Nope, and yep.  Ellie stayed awake the entire time, but Gracelyn slept almost an hour.  We had a layover for about 3 hours in the Denver airport.  We strapped the girls in the stroller and I walked and walked.  Finally, they slept.  And, I got my excercise for the day!  We made it to Montana without too much drama.  We got our rental and drove to Jill's.  It was so nice to see her standing out on her front porch waving as we drove up.  We got to meet August for the first time.  He was asleep on our bed and I couldn't wait to get my hands on that sweet baby!  Gracelyn and Ellie got to play with Jake for a little while before we put them in the bath.  The airplane germs had to go!
Jake, Gracelyn, & Ellie
We usually take a bath after dinner, but decided to do it before dinner this once.  Gracelyn and Ellie had a great time playing with all the "new" bath toys.  They actually had a great time playing with all of Jake's toys all week.

Saturday we rested and watched the kids play until Jeremy got home from work.  Then we set out exploring.  Jill and Jeremy took us up the road a ways and we went into a state forest and we found a stream.  Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating.  It was drizzly most of the time we were out, but we didn't let that stop us from having fun.
Jill with August, Jeremy with Gracelyn and Jake

Ellie holding a tiny pinecone.

Jake loved, loved, loved picking up everything he could get his hands on and throwing it into the stream.  That kid showed no fear.  Even when he almost went for a dip.

Jill and me.  Doesn't the setting behind us look like a backdrop in a photo studio?  It was so pretty!

Ellie and Gracelyn watching Jake throw rocks, twigs, pinecones, grass, limbs...into the water. 

Ellie, still holding that pinecone. Gracelyn was a little unsure of what we were doing.

Mommy and Gracelyn

Our little family

Gracelyn finally got comfortable enough to start exploring a little.  It just takes her a few minutes to get warmed up.

This was the first time the girls really got to admire their newest cousin.  Boy did they love that baby!! 

Sunday was another relaxing day.  We went to church with Jill and then took it easy. Dave and Jeremy mowed/weedeated (is that even a word, or is it weedate??) and I pulled Jake, Gracleyn, and Ellie in the wagon up and down their driveway.  They had more fun than what it looks like in these pictures.  I promise!  Look at Jake with a rock in his hand.  There were puddles in their drive and he wanted me to stop every time we got to one so he could throw a rock and make it splash. 
We were in Montana for a week so stay tuned for the rest of the trip.  We got to see real live black bears!!!


Barkley Bunch said...

Weedeated or weedate? Funny...I have no clue. These pics made me want to actually get on a plane & head north!

M Holly said...

Great pictures! The scenery is magnificent!

M KD Wilson said...

that's great that you all got to hang out together...treasured moments!