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Thursday, June 10, 2010

More from Montana

Most of our days in Montana were spent relaxing until Jeremy got home from work around 4 in the afternoon.  Monday, Memorial Day, he was off work so we decided to make the drive to Glacier National Park.  We left Jeremy and Jill's house just after 10, stopped for an early lunch and then headed for Glacier.  Unfortunately, our visit was a little too early in the summer and we could only drive about 16 miles of the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  What we saw was breathtaking, though!
Ellie, Jake, and Gracelyn watching a video before we ate breakfast.

I had to include this picture of Ellie because this is how she and Gracelyn ate most of their meals--sitting in the middle of Jill's dining table.  Jill only has one highchair and Jake used it most of the time, so the girls just sat in the middle of the table and ate off their plates and anyone else's who happened to be sitting with them.  Ellie just made herself right at home!

On the way to Glacier, we got to take a detour and see some bears.  This picture makes it look like they were in the wild, but they weren't.  We drove through this little park where they had five bears just lounging around.  It was still exciting, though.
Ellie sitting in my lap watching the bears.

We finally made it to Glacier National Park.
Lake McDonald

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Waterfall where we stopped to stretch our legs and explore.

Me with Ellie, Dave with Gracelyn in front of the waterfall.

Gracelyn, Jake, Ellie
Gracelyn was sleepy.
Jake just threw a rock.
Ellie looks a little mischievous.

This is how we all felt on our way home.  Jake was completely exhausted.  All the kids slept for a while on the way home, but Gracelyn and Ellie's carseats are still rear-facing so I couldn't get a picture of them from the front seat.

Once we got home Gracelyn wanted to hold her new cousin.  She was so sweet and gentle with August.

Gracelyn sure does love August!

Ellie decided she wanted to hold August, also, so Aunt Jill helped her.
She wasn't quite as gentle as Gracelyn, but she sure did love him, too.

That was some kiss.  He will be feeling that one for a while!

Tuesday afternoon we went for a drive to find a pretty place to take some pictures of all the kids.  We found a great spot, but it was next to impossible to get all the kids together AND looking at the camera.  Forget about getting them all to smile!  It was about 55 degrees so we kept jackets on the girls most of the time.  My mom got all 4 of them these cute white shirts when she was staying with Jill a few weeks ago so we wanted to get pictures wearing them.  The weather didn't cooperate, but we got a few anyway. 
Gracelyn, Ellie, and Jake exploring.  Isn't that view gorgeous!!!

This was taken about half a second after we put them all down. They didn't stay sitting for long.  There was too much to see, touch, throw....

Ellie giving Jake a kiss.  They were so sweet and loved playing with each other so much!

Jake just had to teach Gracelyn and Ellie how to put grass in their mouths like the boys.



Yes, there is still more to come.  Next blog will include Canada, the local river walk, Zoe, and a ranch.  You won't want to miss it!!! 


Jill said...

That last picture of G is priceless! The one of Jake and Ellie kissing is pretty sweet, too!! You're awesome for getting all these up so quick.

Elizabeth said...

What a fun trip! Looks like TONS of fun!