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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween started a day early for us because we decided to brave the Boo Bash in a nearby town again this year.  Please remind me next year that there are too many people to really allow this event to be very much fun!!!  All three kids were looking adorable in their costumes ready to head out the door when all of a sudden Benjamin throws all over me.  Yep!  Turns out he was having a reaction to an antibiotic for an ear infection.  Thankfully, he wasn't really sick but the costume was done for until it could be washed.  So, Dave took the girls and they had a great time while Ben and I got to turn in early! :) 

Ellie & Gracelyn

Yes, they were butterflies again!  We talked about being a ghost or a witch or a cat, but once they saw those sparkley wings and tutus it was all over.  All they thought about from that moment on was being butterflies.  I didn't complain too much!  It was easy since we already had everything they needed.


I got Ben's costume washed so he could go trick-or-treating with the girls on Halloween night.  Our first stop as at some good friends' house.  Natalie goes all out with decorations.  They even had a smoke machine.  Here are Ellie and Gracelyn checking it all out.

Everyone was still all smiles at the end of the night:
Ellie, Ben, Gracelyn

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