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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beautiful Butterflies

Saturday night after the pumpkin patch we went to a nearby trunk or treat where our church was participating. Dave and I had so much fun with out little butterflies. Ellie and Gracelyn loved being dressed up!! We only went to a few trunks because the girls don't really eat much candy. (I guess I should say we don't give them much candy to eat.) We got to see some of our friends and the girls enjoyed their first ever lollipop.

Gracelyn checking out her loot!

Both girls were so excited to see their friend Tinkerbell!

Sorry the picture is a little blurry, but I wanted you to see the pure happiness on Graceelyn's face!

Ellie is perfectly content with her lollipop.  Gracelyn kept getting tired of hers and she would want a new one.  We just asked Ellie to trade with her and she did so happily every time.  She is so sweet to share with her sister!

Butterfly G and Butterfly E on the walk back to our car.

Had to include this one of my sweet hubby!


The Davis Daily said...

hey girl congrats on numero tres! It was so good to see you and the family at ACU homecoming. I thought you might have been pregs but I really didn't want to say anything.

Haegelin Family said...

ooo i could just eat them up. so SWEET in those tutus!

Shelly said...

Okay, they are stinking CUTE! I haven't seen those girls in forever!!! We need to fix that soon!