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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We needed to get out of the house this morning so I took the kids for a walk down to the pond.  We took some bread so the girls could feed the ducks.  They had so much fun!  Ellie (in yellow) didn't understand the concept of throwing the bread to the ducks.  She would just walk towards them trying to hand them the pieces of bread.  You might notice in almost all the pictures, the ducks are walking/swimming away from her!  It was so fun watching her think about it and try to figure out what she needed to do differently.

Ellie--chasing the ducks back into the water.

For a brief moment she got distracted trying to tear her bread into small pieces.  The ducks started inching closer and closer.

Ellie--calling the ducks back to shore. 
Gracelyn--regathering her bread pieces so she can throw them again.

 Happy as can be!

We are pretty sure Gracelyn is left handed so it is weird to see her trying to awkwardly throw with her right hand.

Ellie looks defeated! "Why do they keep swimming away???" 

We encountered even more ducks on our way back home and had to stop one last time. 

Ben was with us.  I was carrying him in the Baby Bjorn so I couldn't get him in any pictures.  He stayed awake until we were on our way back home and then he was totally out!  That boy!  He is as easy as they come.  No fussing the entire time we were gone!  Ellie and Gracelyn keep talking about going back to see the ducks. Hopefully next time Dave can go with us!

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