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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Naptime Nightmare

For some crazy reason I decided today was the day to really start "training" the girls to sleep in their new beds.  This was the end result....

Yes, that is their dresser laying in the middle of the floor.  This picture was taken right after I lifted the dresser up just enough for both girls to pull themselves out from under it.  Everyone is fine, but when I heard the crash from the kitchen I was afraid of what I was going to find.  Needless to say, this ended what was supposed to be naptime today.  Ellie and Gracelyn were not interested in taking a nap prior to the dresser mishap.  I put them down around 1:30 and had to go back in about a million times during the next couple of hours.  That is barely an exaggeration.  I went in once and took their beloved blankies away because they were out of bed.  That was the original punishment that we talked about when I first put them in bed.  Obviously didn't work!  Neither did: *the spanking, *the removal of every single toy from their room, *the removal of their fan, *the removal of all their blankets and pillows, *the crazy eyes of their mother who was on the brink of losing her mind!!!  Apparently, I should have removed the dresser!

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