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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cherished Moments

Gracelyn is such a wonderful big sister!  If Ben is crying on his playmat or bouncy seat she will drop whatever she is doing and run to wherever he is and try to make him feel better.  Sometimes she just puts his pacifier back in his mouth, but sometimes she will sit next to him and make faces or silly sounds trying to get him to smile.

Pigtails are my absolute FAVORITE!! (Even when they are a little lopsided! )

Pigtails AND Chick-fil-A.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Naptime has been a struggle with Ben, and I don't remember having these issues with Ellie and Gracelyn when they were his age.  He just has not gotten into a routine, yet.  He has been sleeping through the night, about 8 hours, since he was about a month old and 10-12 hours since about a month and a half.  But, naps are crazy!  In the last week he has napped at around 1 pm for about 2 hours.  Before he started that he would take 3 naps that only lasted about 45 minutes.  He usually sleeps between 9 and 10 in the morning and between 4 and 5 in the afternoon, but he is not consistent.  Maybe this is normal and Ellie and Gracelyn were just good sleepers, but I just feel like he should be sleeping more.  Thankfully, he is a complete sweetie even though he doesn't sleep a whole lot!

Gracelyn and Ellie sure do love each other!  Don't get me wrong, they bicker a LOT, but before you know it, they are back playing together like nothing ever happened.  I pray that their relationship stays close through high school, college, marriage, children, and beyond.  I know what a special bond sisters have, but I can't even imagine what it is like having a twin sister!  I caught this special moment on the way to church last weekend.

I don't think I have bragged on my husband lately.  Seriously, he is the absolute BEST!  Things have been crazy (busy, disorganized, lonely, exhausting) around here the last several months.  1. new baby  2. moved for the second time in less than a year  3. Dave taking summer school classes 4 mornings a week and working 6 days a week  4. Did I mentioned we moved, again, less than 3 months after having a new baby???  Most of the unpacking and organizing has been my responsibility.  For some reason:

it is going very slowly!!  A couple weekends ago Dave got off work a little bit earlier than usual on Saturday and he kicked me out of the house.  I got to eat lunch with a good friend, go shopping all by myself, and just relax!  That's just what I needed to get myself pulled back together!  Dave tries to take the girls to breakfast one morning a week.  It is good daddy/daughter time, but it also gives me a slow morning.  Ben doesn't let me sleep in, but a 4 month old is a lot less demanding than two 2 year olds!  ;)  They usually come home with a special treat for me, too!

That's all I have this Monday afternoon.  It is a random hodge podge, but these are such special times I don't want to forget the little things!

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