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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Date With Daddy

About a week before Father's Day I was driving through Chick-fil-A and saw a sign for Daddy Daughter Date night on the Saturday before Father's Day.  I thought it was a neat idea so I told Dave he should take the girls.  The sign said something about making a reservation but I didn't pay much attention because I didn't really think too many people would go.  When I finally got online to make a reservation our local Chick-fil-A was booked!  I found the closest one that still had reservations available and signed Dave and the girls up.  Unfortunately, their reservations were for a restaurant in the mall.  The manager told Dave that they aren't able to go all out like the normal restaurants, but the girls didn't notice! 

I started talking to them Saturday morning about their date.  We picked out their clothes and talked about what they would do.  To say they were excited is a terrible understatement!  They could not wait for Dave to get home from work.  

Daddy helping Ellie put on her shoes.

Ellie waving bye-bye to Mommy.

Gracelyn and her "cheese" face.

All ready to go!

After they ate there wasn't much left for them to do, but no one (including me) wanted the date to be over, so Dave took the girls to Barnes and Noble.  They had fun playing on the stage in the children's area.
Singing and dancing to their own made up songs.

They also went up to TCU to play outside.  Dave knew it would not be too crowded and it is close to the mall, so they went to say hello to everyone.  I had to include all 4 of these next pictures.  They are almost all the same, but you can tell they are singing a song to their Daddy.  In the last picture, Gracelyn is, apparently, telling him how old she is at the end of the song.  That is how she shows you with her fingers that she is 2.

These girls sure do love their Daddy!  They (we) are blessed to have him!  What a special night that we hope to repeat every year!  I was a little sad when Dave came home and showed me all the pictures.  They had such a good time and I missed it all, but it was so much fun for them because I wasn't there.  It was just the girls and Dave, no nagging momma, and they need that sometimes.  I just wish I could have been stalking them from a nearby table!!  ;)

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