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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Benjamin at 6 months

Ben is such a joy!  He is such a sweet, loving, cuddly, happy baby!  Ben loves taking a bath.  He will splash and splash and splash in the tub for as long as I will let him.  We haven't started giving him any food yet.  I can just picture the huge messes ahead and figure if I can put it off a little while longer, why not?  I know, by the looks of him you would think he eats us out of house and home!  He is a big guy and we love kissing on and squeezing every sweet soft roll!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie!! And what great family pics! Glad you're back in the blog business ;)

M KD Wilson said...

Welcome back! As a second birth I can vouch for a lack of photos of me growing up...compared to Aime. So keep posting about Ben...he's got alot of competition! Haha!

Haegelin Family said...

oh! love muffins! all three of them! thanks so much for posting - i've been missing hearing about what y'all have been up to. sounds like all is well - hope to meet these cuties soon.